This page will be updated as new questions are submitted. You can submit questions using the Contact form on the homepage of this website.

NEW: Do you have any further aerial images or maps of the development site?

Further aerial images and maps of the Ebbsfleet site are available here.

NEW: On the submission information you have asked for a hard copy of the A0 board - can this be good quality card that can be rolled (for posting purposes)?

Yes, you may submit your A0 hard copy entry either mounted on a hard surface or rolled for easier postage.

NEW: Is it acceptable to use images of precedent schemes by others in the proposals by way of demonstration?

We are looking for original, innovative and creative ideas, and your entry should include a visual representation of your idea. You may use images of precedent schemes to help illustrate your idea, but these must be clearly credited to the original creators and must not be the main visual representation of your idea.

NEW: Please can you confirm if the enormous theme park is proceeding to implementation, and how the visual and other impacts of this upon the proposed Garden City have been managed / considered?

The theme park is being promoted by the London Resort Company and will be considered a National Infrastructure project when or if it comes forward. Through this planning process its impact will be considered. We are confident that the theme park can work in harmony with the Garden City and become a major economic driver for North Kent. No detail is currently available of the proposals.

NEW: How much guidance should we follow in the Ebbsfleet Framework document? Can we challenge some of its principles?

The Implementation Framework sets out our level of ambition and tries to co-ordinate the disparate development areas into a single Garden City Framework.
However, we recognise that the Framework is just that, it is not a masterplan, and we therefore expect it to evolve over time.

NEW: Is there any community consultation evidence available – e.g summary or mapping of the fit-bit project?

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and its Healthy New Town Team in particular work with local communities both new and existing, to help them meet their own ambiitons. Specific consultations have taken place for example when developing the Implementation Framework, however our preferred approach is collaborative working or co-production, as evidenced through our current work in developing a vision for a Health and Well-being hub. We have also spent time asking new residents what it is like to live here. The  videos below give a sense of our approach.

NEW: Gillespies is developing the public realm strategy for Ebbsfleet. What's the difference between the competition and this public realm strategy?

The public ream strategy is has been commissioned to bring continuity and clarity to street design and general public realm situations to help raise the general quality of the built environment. The landscape design challenge is much wider, more ambitious, and more flexible and can apply to a multitude of situations across the garden city. The public realm strategy therefore complements the landscape challenge, and is an important tool in raising overall built environment aspirations.

NEW: Should submissions be broadly in line with the developable areas shown on the existing masterplan and outline consents? Are we free to choose any site within the Ebbsfleet development area? And is there a scale guidance on how big the site is preferably to be?

The first stage, the ‘radical’ element of the competition’, is for conceptual ideas dedicated to the central aim of making Ebbsfleet Garden City a distinctive healthy town, placing the outdoor environment at its centre. A great deal of freedom is permitted in how this notion is communicated but the Ebbsfleet landscape must be a central theme. Candidates may select the whole town, including the adjacent communities of Northfleet or Swanscombe , individual sites or concepts which may apply across a number of sites as vehicles for expressing their ideas.

Candidates are free to choose any site, large or small, within the Ebbsfleet development area to propose healthy town design ideas.

NEW: I’m a sole architect – can I enter the competition?

Entries are invited from individuals or teams; design teams may comprise single design practices or consortia. Each submission must be headed by either a landscape professional (Chartered or equivalent in candidate’s country of origin) or a student on a recognised landscape course.

If you are not a landscape professional or student on a recognised landscape course (for example, if you are an architect), you will need to be part of a team led by a landscape professional or student on a recognised landscape course.

NEW: I’m a licentiate landscape professional, but not yet CMLI (or international equivalent). Can I enter in the Student category?

Entries are invited from individuals or teams; design teams may comprise single design practices or consortia. Each submission must be headed by either a landscape professional (Chartered or equivalent in candidate’s country of origin) or a student on a recognised landscape course.

If you are currently working as a landscape professional but you were recently a student, even if you are due to go back to college, you should enter in the Professional category.

What is my unique registration number and where do I find it?

Your unique registration number is the number that will be used to identify your submission and will help us track it.

It is automatically generated when you go to the ‘submit’ page and start your submission process. Start your submission by entering your name and contact details and click ‘save and return later’, which will confirm your unique registration number. This will also be emailed to you, along with a link that will allow you to return to your submission at any time and add/amend/edit your submission, till your entry is complete and you click ‘submit’. Once you click ‘submit’ you will no longer be able to amend your entry.

Why are you only accepting individual submissions from landscape professionals or from teams headed by landscape professionals?

Ebbsfleet is a newly-established garden city that is being developed with landscape at its heart. In addition, as a Healthy New Town pilot a priority is to use the natural and built environment to improve public health. The organisers recognises that the landscape professions (such as landscape designers, planners, managers, scientists and urban designers) lead in this work and are best placed to provide overarching guidance in delivering the city’s ambitions.

Why do you have separate deadlines for electronic and hard copy submissions?

It is often the case that entrants experience difficulty submitting on time due to complications printing their boards or similar. Giving entrants an additional week after they have finalised and submitted their electronic entry should make hard copy submission less of an issue.

Is it the intention of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to contract one of the entrants to deliver their design on site?

There are no plans for the winners, runner-up, highly commended, shortlisted or any entrants who submit will be contracted by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. The competition is being held to stimulate thinking on the themes of the competition and to provide Ebbsfleet with a selection of ideas to enhance their own thinking on the scope of what can be achieved on site.

However, the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation does reserve the right to use the ideas generated from stage one to provide inspiration for the final design for Ebbsfleet and, potentially, other sites across the UK. The hosts reserve the right to amend, edit and develop the design
as requested by the site owners or in response to other project issues.

For full information, please read the competition Terms and Conditions in the downloadable brief.

Please note that the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation also doesn’t rule out contracting an entrant to deliver a project on site, but this will not be a process that will form part of the competition.

May I hand-deliver my hard copy submission?

Yes, you certainly may hand deliver your hard copy submission, so long as you do so by the deadline for hard copy entries and to the Landscape Institute’s head office between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

I am not able to attend a site visit, will this count against me in the judging?

Absolutely not. The site visits are being held to provide entrants with an opportunity to see Ebbsfleet in the company of representatives from the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, but they are not compulsory and attendance will not be seen as an advantage in the judging. Please also note that places on site visits are limited, so the organisers are aware that a majority of entrants will not be able to attend.

May I submit more than one entry?

Absolutely! So long as each entry is a unique one, with its own unique registration number, you may enter as many times as you like.